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An Odyssey Years in the Making! to write a book in 40 years...

I have always loved a great book. Nothing is finer than sitting in your favorite spot and reading an excellent novel. Have you ever gotten so immersed in a story that you ended up getting up in the middle of the night to see what happens next?

Summer Solstice is my first printed novel, and it's available now on Amazon. I'm super excited!

You may be wondering about the forty years. Yes, its premise began when I was in grade school. Could you call me a procrastinator? I always told myself that I would finish the novel when I had time. But life gets in the way of creativity, and for many years, my characters have been sitting on the shelf patiently for me to fill in the blanks (I wrote the ending first so they knew how things would play out).

My friends have encouraged me to do this, but the main person in my corner is my husband, Neil. Once he read the first draft, he started the proverbial ball rolling. He said, and I quote, "you gotta get this published!" So, we contacted a great writer, Penny Lewis (check out her books at She helped me get started with the big picture, showing me what worked and what needed to be trimmed. Later, I reached out to my childhood friend, Rebecca MacArthur, who did a meticulous editing job.

A word about the theme of Summer Solstice: this is not your typical romance novel. Once you start reading it, you will note that my characters kiss and hold hands, but if you are looking for something steamier, I'm not your writer. I'll leave that to writers who aren't embarrassed by that sort of prose. Besides, my face would turn beet red!

My favorite authors include Francine Rivers, Anne George, Daphne du Maurier, Rosamunde Pilcher, Phyllis A. Whitney, Nicholas Sparks, and Fannie Flagg. They all have written books that have inspired me over the years. Check out one of their offerings if you have a rainy afternoon to curl up with a good book. can read Summer Solstice!

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